RESPEC Office Addition

Witness the evolution of the RESPEC Office facility as it undergoes a remarkable transformation through a 17,835 square foot addition. This project not only expands the physical footprint but will also redefine the work environment for RESPEC and its team. The RESPEC Office Addition project seamlessly integrates a 6,000 square foot basement area that serves as storage and receiving. The main floor level takes center stage, offering a workspace primarily dedicated to offices. Nestled within will be several conference rooms and a generously sized training room. An architectural highlight is the clerestory area in the center of the area above a bullpen office space, adding a modern touch of elegance. Step into an atmosphere of sophistication with interior finishes that include plush carpeting, acoustical ceilings, wood ceilings, and painted walls. The exterior design will combine aesthetics with functionality. Composite wall panels will greet visitors at the front entrance, while the majority of the building features sleek metal wall panels. Recognizing the importance of convenience, the parking lot will undergo expansion to include an addition 63 parking spaces. The project also extends beyond the visible aspects, with new water, sewer, and gas services being installed to support the demands of the new addition.