Consolidated Education Center

This newly constructed Education Center at Ellsworth AFB was constructed to replace seven outdated buildings scattered across the base. The facility includes classrooms, counseling rooms, administrative space, computer labs, lecture rooms, and support spaces.
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Crow Peak Residence Hall - BHSU

This project consisted of an approximately 50,000 sq. foot, four-story residence hall that is attached to two existing residence halls. The new residence hall serves as the prime entry point for all three halls. In addition to the building, the project included campus utility infrastructure improvements and site work on an approximate seven acre site.
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Hermosa K-8 School Project

Building for our community is always an amazing opportunity and we took advantage while constructing the Hermosa K-8 School. From concept to completion, our skilled team members were able to work in tandem with other companies to finish an amazing facility that will help educate our community members for generations to come. With our clients and our DKC reputation in mind, we were able to bring this building to fruition through dedication to deadlines and stretching our resources to keep this project under budget. Even with restraint from COVID-19 and other collateral complications our team was able to overcome those challenges and create a structure that will stand the test of time.
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Parmelee Elementary

Dean Kurtz Construction specializes in building educational facilities that are up to date with modern amenities and environmentally conscious systems that are put in place to keep them practical into the coming decades. We have the ability to completely customize your ideas, put them to paper and eventually erect them from the ground into a structure that will stand for many years. This school will help mold the youth in the Parmelee area and get them ready for their next step in life.
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St. Francis Indian Middle-High School

The new Middle-High school structure is a one level masonry structure with a full EPDM roof system. The building features classrooms, art/science rooms, a library, mechanical, and separate administrative offices for each school. The renovation of the existing Elementary School was an additional 58,000 sf renovation that included minor floor plan modifications to accommodate the new HVAC system.
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Wall K-12 School

This new K-12 58,000 sq. foot precast and CMU building also includes an additional 11,000 sq. foot gymnasium and locker/shower area with new mechanical and electrical systems. Aside from the addition of new classrooms, science and computer labs, library and administration areas, the school will also provide a kitchen with an adjoining 3,900 sq. foot multipurpose area.
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