Philip Airport Hangar

Using our expertise in commercial construction, DKC was able to build a custom airport hangar for the Phillip Airport. This hanger allows pilots to safely store their aircraft for an extended period of time without the worry of mother nature affecting their flight plans due to outside exposure. Our craftsman used their knowledge of commercial building to apply the same building tactics to this project. Starting from concrete and roofing to steel insulation and finishing, our team was able to bring all facets of this build together on time and on budget for our client.
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Pierre Airport

With innovation and progression in mind, Dean Kurtz Construction set out to build an airport that would rival the likes of Sioux Falls and Rapid City. The project was centered around a brand new 20,000 sq. foot Passenger Terminal including ticket and rental counters as well as a baggage handling area. The project will include geothermal mechanical systems, HVAC, plumbing, granite veneer & wainscot, a radius standing seam metal roof, structural steel framing, cast-in-place concrete foundations, load bearing studs with masonry/granite veneer, and custom casework and finish carpentry. This new airport will allow for more flight options, travel conveniences, and additional jobs.
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RC Regional Airport

Dean Kurtz Construction was called upon by the Rapid City Regional Airport to build a rental car storage and cleaning facility on site at Rapid City Regional. Our expertise in commercial construction allowed us to treat this like any other build even though it was a first in many ways for DKC. Our team members quickly got the dirt work and engineered fill completed and moved onto the bones of the structure. After directing many water lines and installing PVC wall panels, mechanical and electrical systems, and car wash equipment, the facility was fully operational in March of 2014. Here at Dean Kurtz we pride ourselves on diversification in our builds and this project is a testament to our ability to build anything!
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