Water & Waste Water

Belle Fourche Day Street Lift Station

Dean Kurtz Construction was selected to serve the citizens of Belle Fourche by building them a new and improved lift station, providing the community with fresh water. The previous lift station was built in 1980 and had started to succumb to natural wear and tear as well as mother nature. The new Day Street Lift Station was constructed directly beside the previous lift station on the end of Day Street where it meets the Belle Fourche River. This allowed the current lift station to continue servicing its customers while the new one was constructed and began its transition into the new acting lift station.
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Capehart Pumping Station

This is a Military Design-Build contract consisted of the replacement of Capehart Pumping Station at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Work consists of demolition of the existing wastewater pumping station and construction of the new wastewater pumping station. New electrical components in the existing pump station were used for the new pumping station as applicable. The new Capehart pumping station is capable of handling a peak flow of 430 gpm with a wet well usable volume of 1600 gallons. We provided the means to continue pump operations while the new facility was being built. An additional out pipe for future routing to Regional Waste Water Treatment plant was included.
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Elk Vale Lift Station

Construction of Elk Vale Lift System, a sewage lift system with an above grade structure area of 1,036 square feet and a full basement area for equipment and pumps, began on August 2012. Site work included construction of three overflow storage vessels, force mains and gravity sewer piping.
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Environmental Projects

This project consisted of three phases: Phase 1 was the repair main Pumping Station which included 2,000 gpm centrifugal, pumps, a chlorination system, emergency generator, and extensive piping. Phase 2 included the repair of Sanitary and Industrial Sewer Lines by various construction methods. Installation included cured-in-place pipe install, open cut, and new manholes. Phase 3 was repair of the drainage portion which required very close coordination by the contractor to avoid many existing utilities, limited utility outages, and maintaining traffic flow.
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MNI Wiconi Water Treatment Plant

The MNI Wiconi Water Treatment plant was constructed for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. The treatment plant treats water drawn from the Missouri River just below Oahe Dam near Pierre, South Dakota. The main processing building houses rapid mixers, flocculation basins, collection pipe, chemical feed and storage area, electrical load center, operations and administration area, as well as a garage/shop maintenance area. The project contained maintenance areas, administrative offices, conference rooms, maintenance storage area, computer control room, finished water pump station, chemical feed area, as well as the actual process areas.
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Mt. Rushmore Waste Water Treatment Plant

General plant site improvements, including water and sewer line extensions, retaining walls, regarding, road surfacing, minor reseeding and landscaping, demolition, etc. North Building includes: Reinforced concrete substructure, prestressed concrete slab system, wood framed and sided superstructure, metal roof system, small laboratory/office area, shop/maintenance area, HVAC (in floor heating, exhaust fans, air conditioning), Electrical power, instrumentation, and control equipment. One 20 foot diameter final clarifier with insulated fiberglass dome cover. Aeration basin complex, two-cell, diffused aeration and submersible mixing equipment. South Building includes: Reinforced concrete substructure and slab, loading dock, masonry superstructure with wood siding, metal roof system, two concrete storage tanks, HVAC, electrical power, instrumentation, and control equipment.
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