Terry Peak Stewart Lodge

Terry Peak Stewart Lodge

The renovation of the Terry Peak Stewart Lodge transformed the look and feel of the favorite ski spot in the Black Hills. The lodge received an expansion and renovation prior to the 2016-2017 ski/snowboard season. Terry Peak has long been a staple in the Black Hills, offering skiing and snowboarding, as well as summer activities. The Stewart Lodge provides visitors the chance to relax, grab a drink, or have a bit to eat before hitting the slopes. The renovation and expansion added 800 square feet upstairs and 3,000 square feet downstairs.
  • Project began in August 2015.
  • It features a lot more seating, a bigger bar, and a bigger kitchen.
  • The Terry Peak lodge addition now features douglas fir wood and all of the posts throughout the lodge is pine wood.
  • The lodge has all LED lighting and is also more energy efficient.
  • Total Square Footage: roughly 18,000 square feet, with 10,000 downstairs and 8,000 upstairs.
Size (square footage)18,000
Completion dateNovember 2016