Elk Vale Lift Station


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Rapid City, SD


General Contractor


Chamberlain Architects

Joint Venture | Working Partnership:

City of Rapid City

Size (square footage):


Completion date:

November 30, 2013

Project Description:

Construction of Elk Vale Lift System, a sewage lift system with an above grade structure area of 1,036 square feet and a full basement area for equipment and pumps, began on August 2012. Site work included construction of three overflow storage vessels, force mains and gravity sewer piping.

  • Built on a h-pile foundation with 30' high concrete basement walls.
  • Above grade structure is cmu structural block with a 4" cmu veneer and metal wall panels.
  • Equipment consists of 3 200hp dry pit centrifugal pumps, oxygenation system, nitrate odor control system, overflow dentrifugal pumps, wet well aeration system, and all associated controls and piping.