Tips and smart home devices to turn your house into a smart home

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As technology advances, smart devices are becoming not only more popular, but more common. Smart home devices are hitting the market at an astounding rate and many people are realizing the benefits of having a smart home. Here are some of the benefits of having a smart home and how you can make your house work for you.

  • Convenience. A large part of the appeal of a smart home is simply because of convenience. Having remote access to devices such as a heating and cooling system, audio and visual devices, and appliances such as an oven and the washing machine contributes to why people want a smart home. With smart home devices, people have the ability to control devices remotely from other rooms, or even out of the house completely.
  • Security. The increased crime rate in many areas increase the demand for top of the line security in homes. Devices such as fingerprint or keypad locks make it harder for people to break in, and other smart home devices such as security cameras, motion detectors, and video doorbells make it easier for people to see what is happening at their house while they’re away, just by using an app on their phone.
  • Accessibility, Automation, and Efficiency. Performing menial tasks such as watering the lawn, turning lights on and off, and controlling an entertainment center gets a lot easier, especially for elderly or disabled people, with the use of smart home devices. With voice-command systems, homeowners can control things like lights, sprinkler systems, music, and other common household devices without having to exert too much energy. Smart home devices make tasks like controlling the heat and A/C more efficient, allowing you to control it from your phone so it can be off while you’re at work or on vacation, and turned back on right before you return home.
  • Resale. As the popularity of smart homes increases, homebuyers who are selling a home with smart home devices already installed have the potential to sell their home faster and for more money when compared to other houses of similar size and quality. Installing devices such as a Nest Thermostat, Hue lights, and various other smart home devices can increase a home’s value quickly.

There are many different benefits to having a smart home, and many of these same concepts can be applied to an office building in an effort to create a smart office as well. Give us a call and we’d love to help you determine how to make your home or office smarter.

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