MNI Wiconi Water Treatment Plant

MNI Wiconi Water Treatment Plant

The MNI Wiconi Water Treatment plant was constructed for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. The treatment plant treats water drawn from the Missouri River just below Oahe Dam near Pierre, South Dakota. The main processing building houses rapid mixers, flocculation basins, collection pipe, chemical feed and storage area, electrical load center, operations and administration area, as well as a garage/shop maintenance area. The project contained maintenance areas, administrative offices, conference rooms, maintenance storage area, computer control room, finished water pump station, chemical feed area, as well as the actual process areas.
  • The project involved approximately 12,000 cubic yards of concrete.
  • Complex mechanical and electrical control systems.
LocationFt. Pierre, South Dakota
ServiceGeneral Contractor
ArchitectFourFront Design, Inc.
Joint Venture | Working PartnershipO’Bryan Construction
Project AwardsMaster craftsmanship award for outstanding concrete construction.