Environmental Projects

Environmental Projects

This project consisted of three phases: Phase 1 was the repair main Pumping Station which included 2,000 gpm centrifugal, pumps, a chlorination system, emergency generator, and extensive piping. Phase 2 included the repair of Sanitary and Industrial Sewer Lines by various construction methods. Installation included cured-in-place pipe install, open cut, and new manholes. Phase 3 was repair of the drainage portion which required very close coordination by the contractor to avoid many existing utilities, limited utility outages, and maintaining traffic flow.
  • Site work included yard piping, utilities, site grading, chain link fencing, and an asphalt parking area.
  • Construction of yard piping was completed and coordinated with the user to ensure that the existing water supply was not interrupted.
  • Demolition of the existing pump station was part of this project.
  • Surface restoration was performed as necessary to bring paved and landscaped areas back to their original state.
LocationEllsworth AFB, South Dakota
ServiceGeneral Contractor
ArchitectLeo A. Daly