Winter safety tips to make it through winter

Winter safety tips to make it through winter

Last month we talked about how to stay warm on a construction site. But working on a construction site in the winter is a lot more than just dressing properly. It’s also crucial to take extra precautions and follow winter safety tips that you maybe wouldn’t take in the summer to stay safe. The following are just a few winter safety tips for you to follow on your construction site to stay safe.

Keep an eye on the weather While this winter safety tip seems a bit obvious, it is crucial to your safety that you keep an eye on the weather. Weather in South Dakota is constantly changing and it could go from sunny and 60 degrees to snowing within the course of a day. While you are working on an outdoor construction site, it is crucial that you know what is coming your way to take other precautions to stay safe.

Have a warm break area Even if it just means sitting in your car, having a warm break area that you can go to warm up for a little while makes a huge difference while you’re out on a construction site. Keeping yourself warm is one of the biggest winter safety tips we can give, so set aside a warm break area you can go to warm up and even have a hot cup of coffee.

Require proper gear This is another one of those winter safety tips that is an obvious one. When you work on a construction site, proper safety gear is a must, especially in the winter. Read more about proper winter safety gear in last month’s blog here.

Remove snow and ice Keeping your construction site safe is crucial, so removing all snow and ice from the site is another important winter safety tip. Before work starts, take the time to ensure snow is removed as best as it can and salt or sand is put down to melt the ice. You can also use kitty litter to help make pathways safer and less icy.

Educate employees One of the best winter safety tips to learn is to educate your employees on proper safety measure to take. Make sure they know what to do if they get stranded in a vehicle during a snow storm, make sure they know the warning signs of hypothermia and frostbite, and make sure they know how to properly drive in the snow, especially if they will be operating company equipment.

Taking the proper safety precautions in the winter is crucial to the success of your project and the well-being of the workers on your construction site. Follow these simple winter safety tips and you’ll get through this chilly season smoothly.