Ways to Improve Construction Worker Safety on all Construction Sites

Ways to Improve Construction Worker Safety on all Construction Sites

As construction season continues into its peak time, it is important for construction companies to make sure their employees are safe at all times. Without proper training and appropraite tools, construction worker safety can be jeopardized. Here are some ways to make sure construction sites are in tip-top shape for construction workers.

Establish a buddy system

With new hires or temporary workers, it is a good idea to assign them to work with an experienced worker who will mentor so they can receive vital construction worker safety information. Make an information sheet for both to sign off on to show that the new or temporary worker is able to safely work without a buddy. This will help ensure that each member of the crew knows the proper safety techniques to use on construction sites.

Hold weekly safety meetings

Organize construction worker safety meetings every week to continue to teach workers about safety. This could involve topics that the workers themselves think of and want to present on, or something an employer thinks is important to remind everyone of. It’s another way of promoting a safe work site. When workers feel closer to their peers, the ability to speak up about being safe will happen more often. These weekly meetings could also go over any safety incidents that happened and what can be done to prevent them from happening again. Targeting specific safety hazards will help avoid incidents in the future.

Create badges to indicate training levels

Issuing easy-to-read badges for workers to identify their level of training and certification for operating equipment is an easy way to prevent workers from potentially harming themselves and others. This would make it easier for workers to be assigned appropriate tasks based on their training and skill level. This can create accountability at all levels so no one is putting others in jeopardy by putting an inexperienced worker in a position they should not be in. Also, it makes the construction worker feel like a valuable asset and part of a team.

Conduct regular field safety inspections

Inspections of construction sites can uncover safety risks that can be caused by worn equipment, unsafe behaviors, or misplaced tools. This gives employers a chance to correct them before an accident happens. When employers show that they are concerned about safety on construction sites, it will build more awareness with construction workers.

Construction worker safety is key to increasing productivity and success on construction sites. There are various ways to improve construction sites safety and make construction workers feel confident they are working in a safe environment.