Terry Peak Stewart Lodge Renovation starts to take shape
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Terry Peak Stewart Lodge Renovation starts to take shape

Once opening day rolls around, Terry Peak Ski Area is going to look a lot different with the renovation and expansion of the Stewart Ski Lodge. The renovation will add a whole new look to the mountain and a whole new experience for skiers and snowboarders alike. The project completely transformed the look and feel of the Terry Peak Stewart Lodge and guests can expect a whole new look and feel by November 16th.

The renovation project added 800 square feet upstairs and 3,000 square feet downstairs. The upstairs addition included the adding of an elevator, wood ceilings, metal siding accents, new countertops, and a fireplace, along with a new and updated kitchen and more space to relax and hang out in between mountain runs. The building received a whole new roof as well as new siding in the renovation.

“We added on to all four corners and everything in between,” Terry Peak Building Maintenance Supervisor Bob Munsell said.

According to Dean Kurtz onsite supervisor Mart Geary, the project began in August 2015 with a new foundation. They took the winter off for the ski and snowboard season, but the renovation continued again in April of 2016. Since the foundation was already laid, it made it easier to begin right away in April. The project is slated to finish on November 16th, with Terry Peak’s opening day slated for after Thanksgiving.

“This was a fun one,” Geary said. “It was challenging, there were a lot of changes.”

The project was designed by the architectural firm TSP. It features a lot more seating, a bigger bar, and a bigger kitchen which will allow Terry Peak to serve food at the bar, a feature that they’ve wanted to do for a long time, Munsell said.

According to both Munsell and Geary, the building will now have more character and will better serve the needs of the skiers and snowboarders set to take to the slopes this winter. The Terry Peak lodge addition now features douglas fir wood and all of the posts throughout the lodge is pine wood. There are also metal siding accents throughout the inside and the outside of the building to give it a bit more character. The lodge has all LED lighting and is more energy efficient, Geary said.

“When you pull in and see that big clock tower,” Geary said. “It’s a whole new look to the building. When you pulled in before, it didn’t have much to look at. Now the building has a lot of character and looks nicer. It’s a nice, modern update, expansion and modernization.”

Geary said the other added benefit is that there is room for storage and more locker rooms downstairs for the guests to Terry Peak to utilize, making it more functional. The total square footage of the building now is roughly 18,000 square feet, with 10,000 downstairs and 8,000 upstairs.