Liberty Center
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Liberty Center

In June of 2021, Dean Kurtz Construction broke ground on a monumental structure that will be the center point of the Box Elder community for decades to come, the Liberty Center Recreational Facility.

This facility is a $12.7 million dollar recreational plaza that will act as the main recreational and athletic facility for Ellsworth Air Force Base airmen and the Box Elder community. Replacing the on-Base Pride Hanger, this new 60,000 square foot building will be the host of a variety of activities for both the Base and the community.

A centerpiece of the Liberty Plaza development, the Liberty Center will be a gathering place for athletic activities, sporting events, military ceremonies, and much more. The entire Liberty Plaza development is planned to include housing, retail and office space. The development’s goal is to support the growing population of Ellsworth Air Force Base in preparation for the arrival of the B-21 Raider.

The Liberty Center Recreational Facility was completed in 2022.