How to Increase your home value

How to Increase your home value

If you’re thinking about selling your house and want to make sure you get the best price, some renovations might be needed. Following are suggestions for increasing the value of your home.

You want the first impression of your home to be great. Having a good front door and curb appeal makes buyers want to look inside. Clean, well-maintained landscape invites buyers in. The front door is the first thing home buyers will see before they walk inside. It’s important to have a working door bell and a good doorknob. If your house has a rain shelter around the door, double check to make sure there are no cracks or chipping paint.

The most important rooms in the house for resale are the kitchen and bathrooms. Renovating and upgrading these rooms can increase your home value by 5-10%. For your kitchen, you’ll want to make it modern. Update your appliances so they all match. You don’t want a white microwave, with a black stove, with a stainless steel dishwasher. Other ways to update your kitchen are by replacing the old faucet with a new one, adding new handles on cabinets and closets, and making it look spacious by removing items from counters and refrigerators. It’s surprising how far just new handles and door knobs will go in improving the look of your kitchen and home.

The bathrooms are the next rooms to focus on. It’s easy to spruce up your bathroom. If you have a cracked or old toilet seat, a new one will make a big difference. Having a new sink and faucet will add value to the bathroom. Just like the kitchen, the handles on the cabinets and door knobs should be changed. The hardest part of the bathroom is deciding what to do with the flooring. Re-grouting the tile is a cheap way to make the bathroom look great and improve the home value. You do not need to do a complete renovation of the bathroom; a little goes a long way.

A fast way to increase your home value is by painting. Find a neutral color and paint the main living areas. A fresh coat of paint makes the room feel clean and new. It’s also a good idea touch up the paint in all other rooms. Along with fresh paint, update lighting fixtures throughout the house. If light bulbs need to be replaced, replace them with LED lights or halogens to get a brighter light throughout the house and be more energy efficient. To add a nice ambience, consider a chandelier for your dining area.

It is also a good idea to have a home inspection done so you can address any areas of concern, such as the roof, electrical, or plumbing before you put your home up for sale.