How to Improve Job Site Communication for Your Construction Workers

How to Improve Job Site Communication for Your Construction Workers

Good communication is a key factor in the completion of a construction project. Improve teamwork and cooperation are some benefits when construction workers and management effectively communicate. Following are some suggestions on how to foster effective job site communication.

On the same page

It is important that everyone involved on the job site knows what is going on. As changes are made, they need to be communicated to everyone involved to prevent mistakes and rework. Preventing mistakes helps ensure the company’s time and money isn’t wasted on the job site. Changes need to be tracked and the most current information made available to all construction workers involved.

Set aside time to talk and listen

Before the day begins, management should set aside time to talk to all of their construction workers and subcontractors about current events on the job site and any hazards that are involved. Keeping everyone up to date about what is going on at all times will decrease the chance of mistakes from happening. Management should not only talk to workers, but listen to them as well. If an employee or subcontractor has a concern, management needs to actively listen and address the concern in a timely and appropriate manner so it can be resolved.

Effective message

Be clear and concise. Do not overelaborate or include unnecessary information in your message. Be direct and respectful. Do not take advantage of the company’s or others’ time with off topic or personal discussions.

Having an open door policy for employees and subcontractors to get in touch with management can be helpful in improving communication on the job site. Lessening mistakes and improving teamwork are some benefits in making sure communication is a top priority on the job site.