37th B-1B Squadron Operations Facility

37th B-1B Squadron Operations Facility

The new 37th B1-B Squadron Operations was designed to comply with force protection requirements, anti-terrorism requirements, and blast load requirements due to its proximity to the flight line. The finished building features secure conference and briefing rooms, contractor furnished and installed fixtures, furniture and equipment, complex mechanical and electrical systems, and fire sprinkler systems. Dean Kurtz Construction received an outstanding performance rating for Quality Control, Timely Performance, Effectiveness of Management, and Compliance with Safety Standards, on this project which had significant size and complexity involved.
  • Building demolition.
  • Primary electrical power relocation.
  • Foundation drainage system.
  • Cast-in-place concrete footings and foundations.
  • Standing seam metal roofing.
LocationEllsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota
ServiceDesign Build
ArchitectLeo A. Daly
Size (square footage)60,000
Project AwardsUSACE Outstanding Contractor Award