Multi-use building coming to Spearfish downtown during new construction project
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Multi-use building coming to Spearfish downtown during new construction project

Spearfish will soon have a new multi-use building in its downtown area. The new construction project by Dean Kurtz Construction will be a two level building with office space upstairs. The first level will house retail space, a new restaurant, and a new microbrewery. According to project manager Steve Burgess, the building will be a good addition to the bustling downtown area.

“It’s going to be a neat building when it’s done,” Burgess said. “It’s got great exposure and will be a good addition to the area.”

Digging for the 24,000 square foot building began in mid-February. The new construction building sits at the corner of Jackson and Main Street, where the old Chevy garage and Dominos were. Of the many construction projects that Burgess has worked on, he said this one is unique because of its location. While the location is ideal for exposure once it opens, it’s difficult to work on.

One of the many struggles with construction projects, including this one, is dealing with a wide mix of structural systems that may be in place.

“The site is a challenge because of the location,” he said. “It’s on the corner of two of the busiest streets in Spearfish, so the compact site makes it a challenge.”

Burgess said one of their other challenges with this project was dealing with the precast wall on one side of the lot plus the different structural systems that were in place already.

Burgess said the contract for this new construction project includes just the structure shell. Dean Kurtz Construction will build just the outside walls and inside corridors and beyond that, the owners will take care of the rest. The open plan will allow for a lot of open tenant space inside, Burgess said. The owners also own the old Quiznos building next door and Burgess said they plan on tearing that building down to put in some parking.

The new construction project is scheduled to be completed October 4th, however, the opening of individual businesses is not yet scheduled.