Main and Jackson construction work continues in Spearfish
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Main and Jackson construction work continues in Spearfish

A commercial construction project that began in mid-February is coming along quickly and smoothly. The new building being built at the corner of Main and Jackson in Spearfish hasn’t been without it’s difficulties but overall it’s been a good project to work on.

The 24,000 square foot construction work is still on schedule to be completed on October 4th. According to Kasey Kurtz, the commercial construction project is going well, though has presented some challenges. When they began the excavation of the basement, workers encountered numerous unknown objects including fuel tanks, stoves, tires, and an old water well that had to be abated before continuing on with the construction work. Crews working on the commercial construction project have completed 90 percent of the foundation, which included the drilled piers, basement footings, and walls, as well as the main level flooring, walls, and grade beams. They are currently working on getting the structural precast and structural steel erected, as well as the masonry stair wells. Overall, they have been able to complete approximately 35 percent of the whole commercial construction project.

According to Kurtz, the proximity of the building to the building next to it poses unique challenges.

“The building is being erected two feet from the neighboring building to the south,” he said. “The foundation had to be carefully constructed in order to not undermine the foundation of the neighboring building.”

The wall that is next to the neighboring building had to be built out of precast concrete and stood up with a crane, due to the inability to access the outside of the building with other materials such as masonry, siding, or EIFS.

The next step in this commercial construction project is to finish the steel erection, install the roof, and frame in the exterior walls.

The construction work on the shell is scheduled to be finished by October 4th, at which time tenant spaces will be finished out so businesses can move in. The first level of the building will house retail space, a new restaurant, and a new microbrewery, while the upstairs will house office space.