Increase work site productivity

Increase work site productivity

Construction projects are a huge undertaking, and the bottom line is that there is a lot to be done and the client is looking for the best product for their money. Delivering the best product is key and lies heavily on construction site productivity and the ability to accomplish the project quickly. Here are a few ways to improve your construction site productivity to help deliver the best product for the contractor.

Plan, plan, plan While it may be impossible to plan for every circumstance and roadblock that will come your way, planning for the worst and expecting the best is usually the best route to take. Have a rain plan in place in case the rain slows your project. Have a plan in place for if a piece of machinery breaks down. Put together a timeline plan of when each piece of the project should be done, and build in some realistic wiggle room so you’re not down to the wire the whole time.

Train your supervisor and crew Constantly increasing your knowledge base is always a good thing, and while it is very common for people to train their crew on new pieces of machinery, the work should not stop there. Training each member of your staff on how to use machinery is crucial because then if only one person knows how to work it and they don’t make it to work one day, the project is stalled. But just as important is training your crew on how to be productive on their work site. The supervisor should have an idea of the big picture on the project and how each day to day activity will fit into that. Crew members should also be familiar with the importance of worksite productivity and how they fit into the equation.

Utilize new technologies Technology is always advancing and overall aims to improve productivity in our daily lives, so it’s safe to say that as new technology advances, so does new construction technologies and it is crucial that contractors, site supervisors, and crew members alike all embrace the new technology. Construction software is constantly changing and improving and it will greatly improve the productivity on your construction site to utilize the latest software. Don’t expect it to fix things overnight, but in the long run, it will help. Train all employees who will use it on how to properly utilize the technology to improve your productivity.

Increase security Quite obviously, work cannot continue if equipment is stolen and you’re short the equipment needed to complete the project. Ensure that equipment is not stolen by increasing security on your job site. Encourage your crew to safely secure their tools each night when they leave the site and make sure the heavy equipment is properly turned off and stored for the night. Check out this blog on how to prevent equipment thefts for more ideas.