Eddie's Truck Center construction project continues
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Eddie's Truck Center construction project continues

Work continues on the Eddie’s Truck Center/Freightliner Dealership off of Exit 61 in Rapid City. This new construction project is one of Dean Kurtz’s biggest, though has been hampered by difficult weather, in true South Dakota fashion.

“The weather has been our hardest struggle so far,” Project Superintendent Dan Geppert said.

Geppert said for the weather they’ve had to work with, the project is going well. The weather was cooperative for the foundation laying portion of the construction project. Despite foul weather challenges, they are still pressing forward with the framing portion of the construction project. Next up is the sheeting process within the next week or two.

“This building is a little different because we have to insulate it from the outside and then put the tin over it, so if it’s windy it’ll blow the insulation away,” Geppert said, adding that they are unfortunately situated in “wind alley” where the new construction project is taking place.

The building has a simple saver system, which means they have to insulate from the outside in, rather than inside out which is normal for most construction projects.

One of the more unique things about this new construction is that it will have a lot of polished concrete floors inside. The Eddie’s Truck Center/Freightliner Dealership is a 45,000 square foot building that will replace the current one on Omaha Street. It will feature an indoor showroom and sales floor, a two-story office structure, a warehouse for parts, car wash bays for cleaning trucks, a parts retail area, and an 18,000 square foot service shop.

The new construction project is tentatively planned to be completed in late September 2017. See more information about how this new construction project started in our previous blog from August.