Construction Workers and Contractors: Get the Latest High Tech Gadgets for Your Job Site

Construction Workers and Contractors: Get the Latest High Tech Gadgets for Your Job Site

As technology continues to improve, many companies are creating the latest high tech gadgets to provide the best quality for their clients’ work. Some companies are doing this by providing construction workers and contractors the most up-to-date equipment to bring safety and success to each job site.

Construction Workers: Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones for construction workers are the latest high tech gadgets that can make a big difference on any job site. Crews have the ability to talk to each other in real-time and hands-free with no interruptions or stopping equipment. Instructions can be delivered clearly and concisely while questions are answered directly. This can either prevent or reduce mistakes and errors. Job hazards and risk of injuries can be fully avoided as well. Sonetics came up with this latest high tech gadget that provides the best communication between construction workers and contractors up to two miles.

Construction Contractors: Phone Apps

As a contractor, an estimate for labor and/or materials tends to be a big part of the job. Calculating everything out with a pen, paper and calculator can be difficult and time consuming. To get the job done faster and easier, there are some high-tech apps to help. Apps like JLGPro, iQuick and Joist Inc. are at a very low cost or free for any smart phone or computer, while some are more expensive like Smart Contractor. By using one of these latest high tech gadgets, it’ll begin to train your mind to become quicker at estimating costs mentally over time.

Construction Workers: 12Volt Cooler

Summer tends to be the season for construction, so why not splurge on a lunchbox that will keep your food and drinks cold all day? The latest high tech gadget Koolatron can make outdoor work much easier and enjoyable for construction workers. This bag is comparable to a mini fridge and powered by 12V thermo-electric cooling technology so the issue of ice is a thing of the past. The soft bag comes with a shoulder strap making it easy to carry around from site to site. Construction workers all over will have cold water at all times to stay hydrated and motivated to get the job done faster with this latest high tech gadget.

Construction Contractors: Camera Drones

Drones are miniature, remote-controlled aircraft that can record footage of the ground below and the latest high tech gadgets to have. They can be extremely helpful with contractors to survey and record progress of building sites and renovation projects. It’s an easy way to keep clients updated as well as showing how much the construction workers are getting done. Nixie has created a wearable camera drone all while being hands free. With a single gesture, the camera takes off, captures the moment and comes right back. This latest high tech gadget is still in production, but should be on the market in the near future.

While these latest high tech gadgets are a big improvement to most job sites, make sure to do research on those and others to see which ones will benefit the construction workers as well. Finding ways to create better communication and reduce errors on each site is a vital key in making sure everything is completed in a safe and timely matter.