Construction cleanup tips and procedures

Construction cleanup tips and procedures

Running a construction site is messy and creates quite the waste pile. But restoring the area to its prior condition and even better is part of coming in and building. Construction cleanup is crucial to properly running a build or remodel, but it can be difficult. Here are a few tips for after construction cleaning that will help your crew to make sure they pick up things that don’t need to be left behind for the land and property owners.

Get the proper equipment Having the proper equipment may seem like a no brainer, but it is crucial. Having tools such as heavy duty trash bags, shop vacuums, hoses, buckets, protective eyewear, dusk masks, and window washing equipment are important to proper after construction cleaning. Both indoor and outdoor construction cleanup equipment is crucial. Some construction cleanup jobs may also require some heavier equipment, such as a scissor lift, pressure washer, vapor steam cleaner, and floor machines.

Protect your work You’ve got a whole beautiful project put together that you just finished. During your construction cleanup it’ll be important to make sure you protect that. Protect the floor and the windows and the new doors while you’re cleaning to make sure they don’t get dirtier and you have to clean them again. Using rosin paper or canvas drop cloths in your after construction cleaning will help protect those areas of your project you want looking spick and span.

Brush with a drill Got some tough dirt and grease you need to clean off that won’t come off easily? Attach a brush to your drill to help save you some elbow grease. Pick up a drill-ready brush at the local hardware store if you don’t have one and it will save you a lot of after construction cleaning time.

Play a game of Tetris When you rent and set up a portable trash bin for your construction site, make sure you use every little bit of space in the trash bin. Strategically place the debris in the container instead of tossing them in to ensure you maximize the space. Think of your debris like puzzle pieces and they’ll all fit in perfectly. This will help save construction cleanup space and will also help save time taking multiple trips to the dump.

Construction cleanup doesn’t have to be a pain. It can go smoothly and quickly with the proper tools and procedures and ensure that you save time during after construction cleaning. Dean Kurtz Construction employees work hard at each job site to ensure that they are left clean and tidy and ready to be handed back to the land and property owners.