Common construction health hazards and how to avoid them

Common construction health hazards and how to avoid them

Working on a construction site often comes with certain health risks. Unfortunately, injuries are possible, although they are also often avoidable. These are some of the health and safety risks that construction workers are subjected to on a daily basis and some ways to avoid them.

Working at Height Especially when building or demolishing a building, working at elevated heights is not uncommon. Fatalities and serious injuries can occur due to falls from height. In order to avoid these types of injuries, training on how to properly work at height and safety awareness training is crucial.

Trips, Slips, and Falls Even if you’re not working at height, the possibility of falling and tripping is always present. It is important to ensure that proper work shoes are worn on site and that the work area is kept clear of potential trip hazards, such as tools and building materials. If it has rained, the work area may be wet and slippery, so take extra precautions.

Moving Objects A construction site is a hot bed for constantly moving items. Large pieces of machinery, material, workers, and tools are constantly moving, making it a little chaotic. It’s important to keep an eye out for moving objects that might cause you harm so you can avoid them.

Electricity While the electrical work is done by skilled and licensed electricians on construction sites and renovations, hidden wires or things that are not properly installed pose an electrocution risk. Working near overhead power lines also present a significant risk, especially when operating a forklift or a crane. It’s important to train employees on how to avoid electrocution and what to do in the event that it happens.

Noise It’s no secret that construction sites can be noisy places and hearing damage is not uncommon among construction workers. Loud machinery coupled with distant bangs and crashes of things being put together can make for a very noisy work environment. It is important that workers wear the proper ear protection when operating machinery and working on the site.

Construction workers can be exposed to a variety of health hazards and risks, but with careful preparation and proper planning, it’s possible to avoid most injuries and accidents.